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Al Jazeera America
Mar 2, 2014 10:00pm EST
are in a newly democratizing part of the world, compared to home affairs or defense or some of the ore ministries that people are vying for in a new government? >> i certainly hope you would be. and in my own country where i served as prime minister, i started as education minister and i was very delighted to get that portfolio. because i knew if i was going to make a long term difference for my own nation, for the opportunity, for the lives of our young people, for our economy for the long term. for our competitive position in the asia pacific, that there was no better portfolio than education, to make all of that change. and what's true for a country like australia is even more startlingly true in developing nations. if i'm an up and coming politician i would be scratching and fighting for that portfolio. >> that's why i asked you. you said earlier in your career that in fact foreign affairs was interesting but not your passion. you preferred the education ministry. but is that the place where you become an international personality? if we look, you know, there are 50 nations in
Al Jazeera America
Mar 5, 2014 3:30pm EST
to a couple of other notes related to this story. for example, earlier today, secretary of defense chuck hagel spoke regarding the situation in ukraine. here's a bit of what he had to say. >> also this morning pursuing measures to support the allies including stepping up joint training, aviation detachment in poland, and it's an area that i visited a few weeks ago. and augmenting our discussion of n.a.t.o. policing. >> they are sending a mission of 35 military personnel to ukraine. the unarmed troops come from 18 different countries. they're currently on their way to odessa in southern ukraine. the mission was requested by pro-western authorities in kiev. that's scheduled to last until march 12th. >>> social media has played a huge role in the crisis of ukraine from government officials and traditional press to the protesters themselves. twitter, facebook and other social media is being used to talk about it, and in some cases propel and move forward the rapidly changing events. photos and videos are being posted online for the world to see. take a look at this from catarina, a 22-
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)